Whether the filter bag can be repeatedly cleaned is related to the material and material comparison

- May 29, 2019-

Whether the filter bag can be repeatedly cleaned is related to the material and material comparison

The filter bag is a common and commonly used filter element, and the full use of the product and good use effect can only be achieved after the correct and reasonable use. Therefore, in order to achieve this goal, the following will carry on the filter bag related knowledge explanation, the explanation content is as follows.

1. Are there any considerations in choosing filter bags? If you want to choose good quality, must the manufacturer consider it?

Filter bag in the selection of factors, there are some notes, so we can be sure that the answer to the first question is yes, and, we should have a clear understanding of these notes, so as to have some attention in the selection process and strict implementation. And want to choose the filter bag with good quality, its manufacturer must want to consider, because want to achieve this purpose, its important point is to want to choose professional manufacturer, in order to ensure product quality and the use performance of the product.

2. Can the filter bag be repeatedly cleaned due to its material?

Filter bag, whether it can be repeated cleaning, from a professional point of view, it is related to the material used by the filter bag, and is very relevant. Since there are many materials available for filter bags, and different materials correspond to different characteristics, this conclusion is based on this point. What's more, we need to know the specific material of the filter bag before we can judge whether it can be cleaned repeatedly.

3. Is there any difference in material performance between PP and PE filter bags?

PP and PE filter bags, which are made of two different materials, correspond to two different filter bags. Moreover, they have both similarities and differences in material performance. Therefore, there are some differences in material performance between PP and PE filter bags. The melting point and glass transition temperature of PP material are higher than that of PE material, and the processing temperature of PP material is also higher than that of PE material.

4. What is the main function of oil absorption and oil removal filter bag?

The oil-absorbing and oil-removing filter bag in the filter bag is mainly used to remove the trace oil in the liquid, use the extremely small fiber in the filter layer and use the large tension of the oil to catch, at the same time, it can also intercept the fine particles in the liquid. On the adsorption, it can adsorb its own weight of 20 times the oil.