Whether the filter cartridge is an air filter cartridge or a dust removal filter cartridge

- Mar 11, 2019-

Whether the filter cartridge is an air filter cartridge or a dust removal filter cartridge

On the types of filter elements, in addition to the filter bag this one, there are other specific types such as the filter cylinder, this is also a common and commonly used filter elements, also plays a role in filtering and can be used in a variety of filtering operations, so the following to understand in depth, to distinguish it from the filter bag correctly.

1. Should all relevant factors be considered when choosing a filter cartridge? Is it comparable?

Filter cylinder for product selection, is to consider all relevant factors, and as long as all the factors related to the product selection, are important factors to consider, so these factors need to be considered and seriously, not to despise and careless treatment. Moreover, there is no comparability between these factors, for they have no weight. In addition, from another point of view, such comparison is meaningless and there is no need to carry out the work.

2. Is the filter cartridge a filter cartridge filter?

Filter cartridge, which is a filter element, its structure is relatively simple, and filter cartridge dust remover, which is a specific type of dust remover, is a kind of dust removal equipment, it is composed of many parts, and filter cartridge is an important part of the dust remover, play the three roles of dust collection, filtration and dust removal. Therefore, based on the above point, the filter cartridge is not a filter cartridge filter, the two are very different.

3. Are there any precautions for cleaning the dust removal cartridge?

The cleaning work of the dust filter cartridge, there are some matters needing attention, and need to have a clear understanding of these matters, in order to correctly and standardize the work, and make the dust filter cartridge has a good cleaning effect. In the specific content, it is required to force the size to be appropriate, not too large or too small, the strength is too small to thoroughly clean, the strength of the assembly damage or damage caused by the filter cylinder. In addition, whether the filter element in the dust removal cartridge can be washed depends on the actual situation and cleaning requirements.

4. Is the filter cartridge an air filter cartridge?

Filter cylinder, it is a kind of drum used for filtering top piece, its on the filter medium is a liquid and gas, as there is a filter and filter cartridge of liquid gas filter tube of the two, often referring to the filter cartridge, most are used to filter the air, called it the air filter cartridge, filter elements, and belongs to the surface using aluminum surface tiny air organization to filter out the impurity particles in the air. Therefore, the filter cartridge is not an air cartridge, because the scope of the filter cartridge is greater than the air cartridge.