Whether the liquid filter bag and lubricating oil filter bag belong to the filtration form

- Mar 13, 2019-

Whether the liquid filter bag and lubricating oil filter bag belong to the filtration form



In the specific types of filter bag, the following will be involved, is a kind of liquid filter bag, because it is very common in the liquid filter is very common, so it is necessary to be familiar with and understand, in order to know how to use properly. Moreover, the liquid filter bag this kind of filter bag, also has the widespread application in the different profession and the domain.



1. Filtration form of liquid filter bag


The liquid filter bag is divided into two types: relative filter and absolute filter.



Relative filtration: it is a filtration method that intercepts the surface and interior of the filtration layer. The non-woven fibers in the non-woven fabric are interwoven in an irregular way for the filtration operation. In the material, there is polypropylene, polyester, NOMEX, teflon and so on. If the use of non-woven fabric, should take into account the internal structure, material thickness and fiber surface, etc., because it will affect the quality and filtering effect. In addition, the filtration efficiency will have different values in different cases.


Absolute filtration: a filtration method using surface interception, which intercepts particles larger than a certain size and passes all particles smaller than this size. For filter bags, the surface aperture must be the same size, the fiber system must be tight and strong and can withstand greater pressure, to ensure a good filtering quality and filtering effect.



2. Is the lubricating oil filter bag a liquid filter bag?


Lubricating oil filter bag, from a professional point of view, it is a liquid filter bag, and is a specific type of filter bag, mainly used in the filtering of lubricating oil, the impurities in the lubricating oil, such as clean. This kind of filter bag is widely used in various fields of industrial occasions, to ensure that the lubricant has good quality and good lubrication.



3. What are the industrial liquid filter bags?


Industrial liquid filter bag, it is also can have different kinds, such as the oil absorption capillary fiber filter bag, this kind of liquid filter bag is mainly used to filter out the oil, is by the pre filter layer, the main filter layer and the screen cover, composed of the three parts to filtering material in the gap rate can reach 80%, the oil absorption of filter bag 12 to 20 times their own weight. In addition, this liquid filter bag is strong and durable, can have a longer service life.