Whether the liquid filter can be designed and manufactured and meet the manufacturer's certification requirements

- May 24, 2019-

Whether the liquid filter can be designed and manufactured and meet the manufacturer's certification requirements

Liquid filter, this is a specific type of filter, and from the current point of view, it is often used in the liquid filter operation, so need to have in-depth understanding to achieve the correct and reasonable use of the product, at the same time, can also have a correct understanding of this kind of filter and make full use of.

1. Should liquid filter be selected carefully?

The choice of liquid filter needs to be taken seriously, so the answer to this question is definitely yes. What's more, it is important to know that all relevant factors should be taken into consideration in the selection of this product in addition to prudence and seriousness, so as to avoid wrong selection.

2. Can the liquid filter be designed and manufactured?

Liquid filter, which is a kind of filter, can be designed and manufactured, and if the product is designed and manufactured, generally for non-standard products, the product price is different from the standard product price, need to be recalculated and determined. In addition, from the current point of view, the price of non-standard products is higher than the standard products, because it is higher in labor costs and costs.

3. What are the parameters related to the filtration effect of the liquid filter? Does the manufacturer require product quality certification?

Liquid filter filtering effect, from a professional point of view, it is have a lot of related factors, one is for related parameters, on the specific parameters, are operating temperature, volume flow, liquid filter area, safe velocity, volume and density of material, material properties, material content of solid and liquid materials, filter medium and medium cleaning methods such as these, can't ignore or careless treatment.

Liquid filter manufacturers, it is necessary to carry out product quality certification, in general, is to carry out ISO quality system certification, and, if necessary, manufacturers can also carry out other aspects of certification, to improve the production process and product quality. And will tell to the person of choose and buy, should choose the manufacturer that has product quality attestation, can assure so choose the product with good quality.