Whether the selection of good quality dust bag is related to the manufacturer and P84 dust bag

- Jun 01, 2019-

Whether the selection of good quality dust bag is related to the manufacturer and P84 dust bag

Dust bag, although only three words, contains a lot of knowledge, so we need to firmly grasp these knowledge, can know how to use dust bag in the appropriate occasions, at the same time, can also realize the full use of the product, and thus, to avoid product waste and other problems.

1. Do the manufacturers of dust removal bags have to take good quality into consideration?

Dust bag want to choose to good quality, from the professional point of view, is must take into account the production manufacturer to a specific aspect, because want to achieve this goal, is the need to choose the professional dust bag manufacturers, so we can guarantee the products are good quality and good performance, in turn, guarantee the product has good use effect. And to this one requirement, everybody should carry out strictly, cannot have the slightest bit careless with lax.

2. Does the dust bag manufacturer have to have other products?

The manufacturers of dust removal bags do not have to have other products, but only dust removal bags. Besides, dust removal bags have different types and materials, so they can have different products to meet different user needs. If the conditions and strength, can also produce other products, or dust bag similar products, such as filter bags and filter cotton, to enrich their product categories.

3. Does the dust bag manufacturer need to conduct product quality certification?

From a professional point of view, dust bag manufacturers need to carry out quality certification and quality inspection, the product quality qualified before leaving the factory and put into the market. In the product quality certification, generally requires ISO quality certification. For the buyer, it is necessary to know this and choose products with quality certification, so as to ensure the selection of good quality products.

4. What is P84 dust bag?

P84 dust bag, which is a specific type of dust bag, but also a common and common type of dust bag, this kind of dust bag, has the advantages of high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance and long service life, and its surface has been chemical treatment and post-treatment, can be easy to clean ash and oil and water repellent. In application, it can be used in dust removal of coal-fired boiler, asphalt factory, cement factory and waste incinerator.