Whether the sewing of liquid filter bag is important and PE liquid filter bag

- Jun 03, 2019-

Whether the sewing of liquid filter bag is important and PE liquid filter bag

Liquid filter bag, which is used to filter various liquids, will be used in liquid filter operation. The following is to get familiar with and understand this kind of filter bag, which is to master relevant knowledge, so that you can use liquid filter bag reasonably in the appropriate occasions.

1. If the quality of liquid filter bag is good, must the manufacturer take it into consideration?

If you want to choose a good quality liquid filter bag, you need to choose a professional manufacturer, which can guarantee the quality and performance of the product, and further ensure the use effect of the product. Based on this point, it can be concluded that the answer to this question is that, in order to choose a good quality liquid filter bag, its manufacturers must take into account, and to strictly implement this requirement, there can be no careless and lax.

2. Is it important to sew the liquid filter bag?

From a professional point of view, the sewing of the liquid filter bag is very important, because it is related to the normal use of the filter bag and its use effect, so, can not be ignored and careless. Generally speaking, the liquid filter bag is closely sewn with five threads and two needles, which can ensure the good filtering effect of the filter bag, and is suitable for liquid filtering in various industries.

3. Should the filtrate of the liquid filter bag be treated? What color is the filter bag material?

On the liquid filter bag, there is a part of filtrate filtering out, through which filtrate can be obtained. In terms of treatment, it needs to be singed, which can prevent the fiber from getting rid of contaminated filtrate and prevent the filter hole from blocking and affecting the service life of the filter bag. The material of this filter bag is white in color and has not been bleached.

4. Will PE liquid filter bag be used frequently?

From the current point of view, PE liquid filter bag is often used, and this is a specific type of liquid filter bag. It is made of PE material and processed with pure fiber by means of acupuncture, which can form three-dimensional depth and zigzzled filter layer, and thus ensure the filtering effect of PE liquid filter bag.