Which welding process should be used for liquid filter bag?

- Sep 15, 2019-

Which welding process should be used for liquid filter bag?

According to the current market demand, dust removal filter bag is becoming more and more common, so which welding process for liquid filter bag? Ultrasonic welding process is very suitable.

Ultrasonic welding machine for air filter bag: it is specially used for welding non-woven filter bag products, specifically used for: Non-woven air filter bag, filter bag, the efficient water treatment filter bag, liquid filter bag, filter bag, PP/PE bags, air-conditioning filter bag, dust filter bag, filter bag, polyester filter bag, polypropylene filter bag, polyester bag, polypropylene filter bag, louver air filter, square mesh, grid, ring, tubular membrane filtration, high efficiency air filter felt, garbage bags, industrial filter, filter bag heat-sealing, environmental protection filter bag, high temperature resistant filter bag, PPS filter bag filter bag, coating, resistant to strong acid and alkali filter bag, PTFE membrane filter bag, dust cover, filter cloth, non-woven filter end cover, non-woven fabrics Welding of filter and other non-woven products.

Different sizes of filter bags can be processed by different welding molds, which is the quality assurance of mass production