A Brief Introduction To The Filter Cartridge

- Apr 20, 2020-

A brief introduction to the filter cartridge

Filter cylinder, as the name implies, is a kind of cylinder element used for filtering, generally divided into a filter cylinder used to filter gas and filter liquid.

Commonly referred to as the filter cylinder is mostly used to filter dust gas, we call it the dust removal filter cylinder (hereinafter referred to as the filter cylinder), generally consists of a seal ring, end cover, skeleton and folded filter material, end cover and filter material with glue bonding. The sealing ring material is generally epdm rubber, the end cover and the skeleton are generally metal parts, the material is galvanized and stainless steel, slender filter cylinder skeleton can also be used plastic material.

The filter cylinder belongs to the surface filter element, which is to use the mesh permeable tissue formed on the surface of the filter material fiber to intercept the granular substance in the gas.