Air Filter Element Inspection Standards And Instructions

- Dec 27, 2018-

 Air filter element inspection standards and instructions for use and its role



Air filter element, is a specific type of filter element, but also a more common and often used type, mainly used in air filtration and purification, so it is necessary to be familiar with and understand what it is and how to use it properly and rationally, to have good use effect.



Air filter element, is used in the operation of air filtration. It can be used alone, and can be used in the device, such as can be placed on the air filter, and then, let this kind of filter used in the air purification project. In addition, in the paper dry type air filter, the air filter is made of treated with resin microporous filter paper, due to the porous, osteoporosis, and carrying out the folded filter paper, therefore, has certain mechanical strength and water resistance, and has simple structure, light weight, low cost and high filtration efficiency, and is widely used in the car.



1. Inspection standards and specific functions of air filter elements



The inspection standards for air filter elements are as follows:


ISO 2942: hydraulic transmission - filter elements - determination of structural integrity


ISO 16889: hydraulic transmission - strainer - multiple pass method for determination of filtration characteristics


ISO 3968: hydraulic transmission - filters - determination of pressure drop flow characteristics


ISO 3724: hydraulic transmission - filter elements - determination of flow fatigue characteristics


ISO 3723: hydraulic transmission - filter element - axial load test method


ISO 2943: hydraulic transmission - filter elements - verification of material compatibility with liquids


ISO 2941: hydraulic transmission - filter elements - verification of fracture resistance



Air filter element, the main role is to filter air, but if it is used in the car, then there are two roles, one is to control the air intake, two is similar to the role of muffler, can reduce the noise in the process of driving the car.



2. Instructions for the use of air filter elements


(1) air filter element, which is the core part of the filter and can be made of special materials, belongs to the vulnerable parts and requires special maintenance.


(2) when the filter is used for a long time, it should be cleaned, because the filter element has accumulated a certain amount of impurities, etc., which will affect the filter effect of the filter element.


(3) if a new air filter element is to be replaced, it shall be noted that the filter element shall not be deformed, damaged or damaged