Dust Bag Selection Factors Whether There Is A Comparative Necessity And Type Of Performance

- May 01, 2019-

Dust bag selection factors whether there is a comparative necessity and type of performance

Dust bag, it can play the role of dust collection and dust removal, and it can be used in the dust collector, so, need to pass a comprehensive understanding to correct and reasonable use of the product, so as to have a good use effect. Therefore, the next step is to get familiar with and understand the dust bag, in order to achieve the above purpose.

1. Is it necessary to compare relevant factors of dust bag selection?

Dust-bag selection, which is an important work, is to be taken seriously and carried out, because if the wrong choice will bring adverse effects. From a professional point of view, there is no need to compare the relevant factors of dust bag selection, because these factors are important factors to consider. They are the same in importance and cannot be compared.

2.PTFE coated dust bag should have what good performance?

PTFE coated dust bag, it is a specific type of dust bag, but it is applicable scope and use requirements, so can not be used blindly, so as not to affect the normal use of the product. First, it is used in situations where the emission concentration is below 20mg/m3. In addition, PTFE this material should have good chemical corrosion resistance, hydrolysis resistance and oxidation resistance, have these good properties, to ensure that this kind of dust bag has good use effect.

3. Should the production technology and production technology of dust bag be improved continuously?

Dusting bag this product production process and production technology is to constantly improve, and from the current point of view, this is one of the dust bag development direction, we should have a correct understanding and clear understanding. Will tell to its manufacturer, this also is beneficial and harmless, can satisfy the person of choose and buy different choose and buy demand, then, will improve his economic benefits.

4. Do different dust bags correspond to different temperature ranges?

Different temperatures correspond to different dust bags, so the answer to this question is yes. And, tell from another Angle, suit the dust bag of different temperature paragraph, its are to can have serialize a product. Its surface can be chemical treatment and finishing technology, so that the dust bag has the advantages of easy cleaning, water and oil repellent and anti-static, in addition, can also have wear resistance, high temperature and corrosion resistance and other characteristics.