Factors Affecting Filtering Effect Of Filter Bag

- Jun 12, 2019-

  Factors affecting filtering effect of filter bag

Bag filter in addition to its filter bag is an important part of the filter, its filtrate is also one of the key components of the filter. In the process of using bag filter, if the filtrate is found to be cloudy, please do not hesitate, there must be something wrong with the filter bag. So what happens to the filter bag that causes the filtrate to become cloudy?

1. The filter bag retracts between the filter plate

To filter bag is in use process to work properly, you will need to both sides of the filter bag is a relatively independent space, this would require the cooperation of filter plate, will be pressure on the edge of the filter plate edge filter bag, filter bag is often greater than the filter plate, because the bag filter to filter chamber, cause the filter bag back to the filter room, filter bag is not so important, natural filtering effect is not very good.

2. Breaking of filter bag

Filter bags are woven by fiber, just like cloth, so they are very flexible and malleable. It is because of this that filter bags are easy to damage in the use of bag filters, especially hard objects appear on the filtered materials. When the filter bag is punctured, it is run through the filter bag so that the filter is not very useful.

3. The mesh of filter bag is too small

Mesh number is an important parameter of filter bag. The size of parameter indicates the number of filter holes in the filter bag. The smaller the mesh number is, the larger the filter hole of the bag filter, and vice versa. Therefore, in the process of material filtration, a small number of filter bags will make a lot of solids through the normal way through the filter bag, so that the final result is that the liquid after the filtration is not clear to the bottom.

Now let's talk about the bag filter. What should we pay attention to when using the bag filter?

Knowing the cause of turbidity in filtrate of bag filter can solve the problem in time so as not to affect productivity. Bag filter is easy to operate. Just install the filter bag with the required fineness level in the filter cylinder, check whether the o-ring sealing ring is intact, and then tighten the ring bolt of the filter cylinder cover to put into work. After the pump starts, the pressure gauge on the filter rises slightly, with the initial pressure of about 0.05mpa. With the extension of the service time, the filter residue in the cylinder gradually increases. When the pressure reaches 0.4mpa, the cylinder cover should be shut down to check the residue left in the filter bag, and the filter bag can be replaced and continued to be used (the filter bag can be reused after cleaning). The pressure of the filter is generally adjusted at 0.1-0.3mpa, which can be adjusted through the backflow line or the backflow valve on the pump. If the filtration pressure is too high, it will damage the filter bag and protective net, which requires special attention. Main application paint, beer, vegetable oil, medicine, chemicals, petroleum products, textile chemicals, photosensitive chemicals, electroplating solution, milk, mineral water, hot solvent, latex, industrial water, sugar water, resin, ink, industrial wastewater, fruit juice, edible oil, wax and so on. There are many industrial chains in China, such as low production concentration, low research and development capacity of high-end products, low manufacturing technology level of bag filter industry, and increasing import and export trade deficit. The direct consequence of this high-speed shock is the expansion of polarization in brand camp.