Filter Bag Online Shopping Product Prices Must Know And Stainless Steel Filter Bag

- May 24, 2019-

Filter bag online shopping product prices must know and stainless steel filter bag

Filter bag, this is a filter element, and is often used once the filter element, so, it is necessary to be familiar with and understand, so as to know what it is and how to use and make full use of, and then, let the filter bag has good use effect.

1. Is it necessary to know the price of filter bags when shopping online?

Filter bag online shopping, that is to choose and buy in the relevant industry website, it is necessary to know the price of its products, and it is necessary to know, otherwise can not carry out the work of choosing the product, and this is also product information must have a content. In addition, we also need to know that in the product price, need to understand the product real-time quotation and price quotation these two specific aspects.

2. What is a PE filter bag?

PE filter bag, this is a specific type of filter bag, is made of PE material is a kind of filter bag, and, is a deep three-dimensional filter material and use 100% pure fiber, because the fiber tissue is loose, so can increase the capacity of impurities. In addition, this kind of filter bag adopts double interception mode, which can effectively remove solids and soft particles, and fine particles are captured in the deep layer of filter material to achieve the purpose of improving filtration efficiency.

3. What are the common sizes and materials of filter bags?

The common size of filter bag, from the current point of view is there are five standard size, Y series and some other non-standard size, in the five standard size, is 1#(180*420mm), 2#(180*810mm), 3#(105*230mm), 4#(105*380mm) and 5# (150*520mm), Y series size is 202*330mm. In common material on, it is polypropylene, polyester, stainless steel and nylon these 4 kinds of material are qualitative.

What is a stainless steel filter bag?

Stainless steel filter bag, this is also a kind of filter bag, is the use of non-deformation of stainless steel spinning according to the specified specifications woven into a net, and then the heat stereotypes known as a single wire mesh, so can be made filter bag and get this kind of filter bag, in the stainless steel brand, is generally used SUS304 or SUS316. This filter bag has the advantages of smooth surface, easy cleaning and repeated use, which can improve the utilization of the product.