High Temperature PPS Introduce

- Mar 04, 2019-

Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) - currently the most widely used high temperature filter

Introduction: PPS fiber, has the stable chemical properties, high melting point (285 ℃) and excellent heat resistance, flame retardant, resistance to chemicals and stability is extremely outstanding, mainly used in municipal waste incinerator, utility boilers, coal-fired boiler, hospital incinerator, cogeneration boiler pulse bag filter, is currently the most widely used high temperature filter material.


Globally, in 2012, PPS was mainly applied in the field of automobile. 33% of PPS in Japan and 50% of PPS in Europe were consumed in this field. China's consumption structure is dominated by environmental protection industry (filter bag), accounting for about 30%, followed by auto parts and electronic and electrical industry.

Major manufacturers:

Domestic and PPS related listed companies have three - dimensional silk, new and into, xuguang high - tech. Xuguang is the largest PPS resin manufacturer in the world.

Overseas PPS production is concentrated in the United States (conocophillips), Japan (toray industries, kureha chemical, di 'aisheng, kuaiguang xingye, Germany (bayer group), among which Japan's PPS production capacity ranks first in the world.