How To Choose Filter Bag

- Mar 01, 2019-


The fabric design of dust removal bag should be in pursuit of efficient filtration, easy to remove dust and durable effect. Dust filter bag is an important part of the dust remover, bag filter generally according to the nature of the dust gas, dust properties and dust remover dust removal mode and the choice of required dust filter bag, so the choice of dust filter bag focus is different.

First, according to the requirements of working conditions to choose the cost - effective dust filter bag.

1. Gas temperature. Gas temperature below 130 ℃ choose normal temperature dust filter bag, the temperature between 130 ℃ to 260 ℃ high temperature dust filter bag.

2. Gas humidity. Dusty gas is divided into three states according to relative humidity: dry gas (relative humidity below 30%), general state (relative humidity between 30% and 80%) and high humidity gas (relative humidity above 80%). When the gas humidity is high, you should choose the coated waterproof cloth bag.

3. Chemical property of gas. In all kinds of furnace flue gas and chemical waste gas, often contains acid, alkali, oxidant, organic solvents and other chemical components. In order to select the filter bag should be based on the chemical composition contained in the smoke reasonable choice of acid-alkali anti-oxidation dust filter bag.

Two, according to the special characteristics of dust dust bag selection.

1. Moisture and adhesion of dust. If the dust is hygroscopic and strong adhesion, choose waterproof coated filter material dust bag.

2. Combustibility and charge-ability of dust. Some dust has flammability at this time should choose the fire retardant performance of dust bag. Antistatic dust filter bag is specially used for dusts with charge.

Three, according to the dust remover dust filter bag selection.

1. Mechanical vibration bag-type dust remover. The filter material should be thin and smooth with soft texture, which is beneficial to transfer vibration wave.

2. Reverse blowing bag filter. Soft texture, stable structure and good wear resistance should be selected.

3. Pulse bag filter. A round external filter bag with a frame is usually used. Requires the selection of thick, wear - resistant, anti - tensile strength.