Industrial Application Of Liquid Bag Filter

- Jul 19, 2019-

Industrial application of liquid bag filter

The main applications of bag filter


Application Field

The benefit of users 



Activated carbon to remove

Recycling activity of expensive activated raw materials

Catalyst recycling

Removal of plasma proteins

filter Gelatin

Filter hormone

Filtering vitamin mention chain agent

Filtration of cough medicine

Recovery of valuable resources to increase the savings

Increase product quality

Reduce the labor and downtime costs

Reliable filter to reduce the waste volume

To reduce the micro-organisms and suspended solids of Waste water










Filter lubricating Oil, oil / fuel additive

Petroleum recovery

Isolate Polymer from the benzene

Catalyst recycling

Filter acid, alkaline solution, solvent

Removal of carbon black and filter aid

Resin, acrylic and viscose emulsion of the filter

The removal of scale water pipes

TiO2 filter solution

removal of Surfactant crystallization salt

Filtration of X-ray dispersion & detergent

Lower operating costs and energy consumption

Lower labor costs

To remove oil , metal, hazardous waste, pollution or solid material from water, can reduce cost and increase the effectiveness

Significantly reduce processing costs

Recovery of valuable materials

To ensure product quality stability




Electrophoresis paint filter

Ultrafiltration filter protection

Spray water filtration

Varnishes and paint filtration

Ensure product quality stability

Reduce the cost of production halts

Remove solid or liquid impurities, to reduce shrinkage and reprocessing






Remove suspension clot before using

Clear fiber of finish paint

Removal of enamel and enamel clot

Solvent filtration

Remove milling fill

Remove impurities in contaminated storage

Clear viscose in acrylic gel

Removal of resins and crystals

Clear plastic coating of the clot

Polymer melt filtration

Removal of PVA Clot

Back to the collection process, the solvent regeneration

Reduce the cost of waste-water treatment

Increase operational efficiency to save mill

High-quality filtration products

Remove expensive chemical treatment

Lower operating costs and energy consumption

Renewable sources of savings products

Food & Beverage


Removal of the filter aid and filtration of beer

Wine, whiskey and a water chestnut

Removal of burning fat from cooking oil

Remove carbon and filter aid in sugar making process

Canned paint filtration

Corn and soft drink syrup filtration

Add / Process water filtration

Recovery of valuable substances from cooking oil

Lower operating and investment costs

Increase the quality of the product in order to adapt to market requirements

Reduce the cost of quality

Electronic technology


Cooling water filtration

Remove zinc deposits from zinc solution

Remove impurities of copper electrolysis stable bath

Pre-filtration of pure water

Simple operation

Increase the work efficiency

Increase the uniformity of product quality

Reduce the cost of Filtration

Water treatment


Recovery ion exchange resins

Filter dust in the cooling system

Removal of scale and calcium crystals water pipes 

Removal impurity in mineral water

Filtration of chemicals in wastewater treatment

The filtration of urban water supply

Reduce the micro-organisms and suspended solids

Ion exchange resin regeneration text can save a lot of money

The protection of valuable equipment

Lower labor costs

Through the recovery can save chemicals

Lower waste treatment operation and investment costs

Metal processing


Hydraulic oil filtration

Recovery and remove dirt of precious metals (aluminum, silver, platinum)

Filtration of painting / coating

The recovery of precious catalyst

Increase operational efficiency

Lower operating costs and energy consumption