Introduction Of High Temperature Resistant Dust Removal Filter Bag

- Sep 23, 2020-

Introduction of high temperature resistant dust removal filter bag

The filtering power of the high-temperature dedusting filter bag is related to the filter material structure on the one hand and also depends on the dust filter layer formed from the filter structure on the other hand. The filtering effect of the short fiber is higher than that of the long fiber. Higher than filter felt cloth filter. From the point of forming the dust layer, the thin filter, after cleaning, the dust layer is destroyed, the power is reduced a lot, the thick filter, the clean can be retained in the filter dust in the sector, to prevent in the clean. Normally, in the case of filter data without breaking, the power can be reached.

In order to prevent high temperature dust bag obstruction and erosion, serious ash accumulation will affect the production of main engine. But that depends on filtering the data. The frame is the frame of the filter bag. The quality of the frame directly affects the working condition and service life of the filter bag. After the dust-removing bag device, whether there is bag dropping, loose, wear and other phenomena during use, the appearance is smooth. The filter area required to deal with the same amount of smoke is less than the bag filter. If the temperature is too high, the selected filter bag will exceed the normal service temperature, which will shorten the service life of the filter bag. In serious cases, the filter bag will be burned in a short time. Therefore, when selecting the filter bag, it is necessary to determine the calculation of inlet temperature of the dust catcher and select the corresponding filter bag.

High temperature dedusting filter bag has the spinnability and wear resistance of polyester fiber. It is characterized by good heat resistance, inflammability and non-melting property. The fiber-oxygen index can reach 29%, which is unnatural. At temperatures above 400°C, the fibers are slowly carbonized. In addition, the needle felt dust bag also has outstanding dimensional stability. Compared with glass fiber, its wear resistance and folding resistance are better. Therefore, its high temperature resistance, long service life, so the high temperature bag is aromatic polyamide fiber, is now high temperature filter cloth bag filter material.