Polyimide Fiber (P84) -- The Dust Remover With The Highest Temperature Resistance

- Mar 05, 2019-

2. Polyimide fiber (P84) -- the dust remover with the highest temperature resistance

Polyimide fiber, also known as aryl imide fiber, is a kind of high performance fiber which is prepared by solution spinning from polyamide acid prepolymer obtained by polymerization of phthalic anhydride and aromatic diamine.

Polyimide fiber was first developed by the Austrian lanjing company under the trade name "P84". This monopolistic product belongs to Germany now win to create, use in dusting bag more in, have a reputation for "yellow gold silk".

Polyimide fiber has excellent comprehensive performance, high temperature resistance, good filter, acid and alkaline resistance and many other advantages, can be used for cement kiln tail, waste incineration, power plant and other high temperature environment.


In addition, for polyimide fiber products, it has a unique fiber structure -- irregular blade section, which increases the surface area by 80% compared with the general circular section, and brings two advantages:

Enhanced the ability to capture dust;

The irregular cross section of the fiber makes the fiber crimp naturally because of its different internal stress and non-uniform distribution, and makes the fiber have strong binding force. Therefore, when polyimide fibers are added into the glass fiber composite needled felt, the felt layer will not fall off easily even if the wind speed increases.

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