Specification, Classification, Installation And Characteristics Of Filter Cartridge

- Jul 16, 2019-

Specification, classification, installation and characteristics of filter cylinder

Filter cylinder is a common dust collector in the process of operation, with the advantages of high collection efficiency and low resistance, etc., filter cylinder is easy to be put into the flue sampling, etc., such equipment is widely used for particulate matter, chromium acid fog, sulfuric acid fog, cooking smoke, asphalt smoke and other pollutants sampling.

Filter canister can be divided into glass fiber filter canister and corundum filter canister according to its material during production. Glass fiber filter canister is the most widely used in daily life. Glass fiber filter cylinder is made of ultrafine glass fiber, and the collecting rate of dust particles above 0.5 micron can reach 99.9%.

Classification of filters

Common filter cylinder filter materials include wood pulp fiber filter paper, spunbonded polyester fiber non-woven fabric, polyester non-woven fabric can be covered with film, oil and waterproof, anti-static treatment.

Specification of filter cylinder

The size of filter cylinder is generally referred to the samples imported from abroad, and the common specifications are 12.75 diameter, 13.84 height and 26 height, which are 325*660mm and 350*660mm in metric system.

Installation mode of filter cylinder

The installation mode of filter cylinder is divided into vertical hoisting, inclined installation according to specific Angle, flange installation, etc.

The characteristics of the filter cylinder

1. Greatly improve the effective filtration area.

2. Ensure a low and stable pressure difference, improve the flow of air.

3. Compact element of filter cylinder is convenient for installation.

4. Especially suitable for industries with high dust concentration.