The Selection Of Filter Cartridge

- Jan 08, 2019-

Selection of filter cartridges  


The filter cartridge, like the filter bag, is a commonly used filter element, and is mainly used in the filtering operation and plays an important role in filtering. Therefore, it is necessary to have a correct understanding of the filter cartridge as a filter element, so as to know how to correctly operate and use it and get a good filtering effect. The following is the study and understanding of the filter cartridge to achieve the above purpose.



1. Is the selection of filter cartridge important? What are the considerations?


From a professional perspective, the selection of filter cartridge is an important work, which needs to be taken seriously and carried out. If it is neglected and carelessly treated, it may cause wrong selection and affect the normal use of the product. In addition, the product will cause waste and economic loss to users because it cannot be used.



When choosing a filter cartridge, all relevant factors shall be taken into consideration, and comprehensive and comprehensive consideration shall be made, so that accurate judgment and correct selection can be made and appropriate products can be selected. In the consideration factors related to product selection, there are some factors or aspects that must be taken into account, which are the six aspects of product origin, detailed parameters, real-time quotation and price quotation, product quality, manufacturer and after-sales service. In addition, if necessary, the product use environment and use requirements can also be considered.



2. What are the options for selecting filter cartridges?


Carry on the choose and buy of this one product of filter canister, go up in the way of choose and buy, it is to have 3 choose and buy ways from current view, it is to look for manufacturing manufacturer to purchase directly, 2 it is to will choose and buy this product through agent, 3 it is to choose and buy this product on industry website. Which way to choose, is decided by the actual situation. Also, it is important to know that no matter which path you choose, you need to know the product and manufacturer details before you can do this.



3. Is there a filter cylinder in the filter cartridge?


A filter cartridge dust remover is a filter cartridge used as a filter element. The components are air inlet pipe, exhaust pipe, box body, dust bucket, dust removal device, flow guide device, air flow distribution plate, filter tube and electronic control device, which are similar to the air box pulse bag dust removal in structure. Therefore, it can be concluded from the above description that the filter cartridge is a part of the filter cartridge in the dust remover, and it is an important part in the dust remover, and its placement is very important. Generally speaking, the filter cylinder can be vertically arranged on the flower board of the box body or tilted on the flower board. From the perspective of ash removal effect, it is better to be vertically arranged.